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Odawara Castle

Kanagawa Castle light up Design

Kanagawa castle light up design No,1

A light-up of a castle in Kanagawa Prefecture, a light-up design that considers the overall balance of each gate and stone wall in the castle.

Enjoyable castle light-up design that uses new ways of showing the castle at night and advanced light-up equipment to increase SNS spreadability and web photo posting rate, not just a simple castle light-up.

The history of the castle was expressed with projection logo lights, and a lighting program was incorporated to create a sea of light flowing through the plazas and streets within the castle. Light-up designer KITA TOSHI

The light-up designer KITA TOSHI, who creates the history of the castle with light and finishes the illumination of the castle so that it will be a hot topic on SNS, incorporates the lighting program himself, and has created many light-up spots around Japan. are creating.

Lighting designer KITA TOSHI is a Japanese Creative lighting designer

Light up & illumination photo gallery

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