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Government park 1

Government park




この桜の公園の夜桜を桜ライトアップで演出し、桜の木々を池の対岸からの水面鏡を生かしたライトアップデザインで、夜桜の名所を作り上げたライトアップデザイナーKITA TOSHI[キタトシ]


桜のライトアップを多数手掛けるライトアップデザイナーKITA TOSHI[キタトシ]は自身で演出照明プログラムも組み込み、生きた桜の木々や生のLIVE感を大切にしたライトアップデザインやライトアップ演出で、日本各地で多数の桜ライトアップ名所を創り出している。

ライトアップデザイナーKITA TOSHI[キタトシ]は日本人のCreative lighting designer


Cherry blossom park light up design No,1

A popular cherry blossom tree park that attracts many local tourists during the cherry blossom season

A beautiful park where cherry blossoms grow thickly around the bank of a large pond, and you can enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms from the opposite bank.

The light up designer KITA TOSHI created a famous spot for viewing cherry blossoms at night by lighting up the cherry blossoms at night in this cherry blossom park and creating a light up design that makes use of the water surface mirror from the opposite bank of the pond.

There are cherry blossom light ups that illuminate the cherry trees in traditional light bulb colors, solar light ups that recreate the cherry blossoms in full bloom during the day, and color light ups that mix the color of the cherry blossoms with other colors. Created a nighttime cherry blossom light-up design that can be enjoyed while walking around the park, and the cherry blossom light-up that attracted many visitors

The light-up designer KITA TOSHI, who has worked on many cherry blossom light-ups, has incorporated his own lighting program, and has created many lighting designs and lighting productions that emphasize the living cherry trees and the live feeling of LIVE. We are creating a cherry blossom illumination spot.

Lighting designer KITA TOSHI is a Japanese Creative lighting designer

Light up & illumination photo gallery

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