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Expo Memorial Park

Expo Memorial Park

Expo Commemorative Park Directed Light-up

-Light up & illumination decoration-





演出照明プログラムを制御する緻密な照明プログラムは、太陽の塔照明プログラムのテーマ性を演出し、来場者の心を捉えたライトアップデザイナー&照明プログラマーKITA TOSHI[キタトシ]による照明デザインは、多くの人の心を魅了する。

※ライトアップデザイナーKITA TOSHI[キタトシ]は日本人のCreative lighting designer

Expo' Commemorative Park in Osaka, known nationwide.

A light-up design that creates the flow of time from the past to the future with light.

A prominent flash that pierced the night sky made the Tower of the Sun shine. The Tower of the Sun is like a designer standing on a stage, bathing in the light of advanced lighting equipment that transcends time since its creation and reigns with an overwhelming presence even today.

The Tower of the Sun, the latest lighting system, searchlight lighting, projection effects, and various other lighting effects are accompanied by a synchronized program of music and light in units of 4/100 seconds.

The detailed lighting program that controls the production lighting program creates the theme of the Tower of the Sun lighting program, and captures the hearts of visitors. to fascinate

*Lighting designer KITA TOSHI is a Japanese Creative lighting designer.

Light up & illumination photo gallery

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