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長期年度に渡りイルミネーションデザイナーのKITA TOSHIがデザインと光りの演出を担当

イルミネーションデザイナーKITA TOSHI


(1) Station Square Illumination: Case ①

A terminal with a large site in front of the station.

A design that coordinates scattered trees and plants in a well-balanced manner.

Each tree is fully decorated with high-intensity shining illumination.

Designing fewer trees efficiently and brilliantly.

Illumination decoration that brings out the maximum sparkle of light even under limited conditions.

The illumination decoration that has been around for many years has been loved by the locals, and it is a place with a fondness for encouragement from nearby shops and residents.

Illuminations in front of the station that he is still working on: Case 1 is an illumination decoration in front of the station where the brightness, color, and brightness of the light are steadily evolving every year.

Illumination designer KITA TOSHI has been in charge of the design and lighting for many years.

Illumination designer KITA TOSHI

(Lighting designer)

Light up & illumination photo gallery

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