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東京駅前イルミネーション装飾KITA TOSHI[キタトシ]












イルミネーションデザイナーKITA TOSHI[キタ トシ]


KITATOSHI is in charge of the street filled with about 150,000 high-intensity shining illuminations that continues from the Yaesu Exit of Tokyo Station.

The cherry blossoms along the intersection shine white to the tips of their branches and become a “gate of light”, and the cherry blossoms along the street are decorated with an elegant champagne-gold glow that colors the city with an illumination design decoration.

A mystical space inspired by the cherry blossoms, a symbol of Japan that has been handed down over generations, was created as an illumination decoration in front of Tokyo Station that was visited by a large number of people every night.

Illumination designer KITA TOSHI

(Lighting Designer)

Light up & illumination photo gallery

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