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京都国宝寺院様 全面演出ライトアップ

京都国宝寺院様 全面演出ライトアップ







ライトアップデザイナーKITA TOSHI(照明デザイナー)

A full-scale light-up at a temple composed of national treasures and important cultural properties in Kyoto

About 1000 units installed

Among them, KITATOSHI devised a light-up called "Hikari no Sutra"

In the midst of the endless procession, which shows an explosive upsurge, the light production has been featured in TV programs and newspapers.

A spectacular light-up production that became a hot topic on SNS and Instagram, and was featured in a total of 23 companies such as programs and NEWS.

In the Japanese garden, which boasts one of the most famous sights in the temple, a fantastic spatial presentation is created with the dry landscape, the river of light, and the sound of the water flow.

Light-up designer KITA TOSHI (lighting designer)

Light up & illumination photo gallery

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